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“Finding good house painters can be totally overwhelming.  Whether you’re looking for Interior Painting , or Total Home Maintenance, we’re Professional Painters .  You’ll be well cared for and your house will look amazing.

– Jeff McVey

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If creative energy doesn’t flow in your home, it’s time for change.   Perhaps it’s those kitchen cabinets you’ve grown to dislike, or that room you’ve become embarrassed by.  Maybe it’s just time to take care of those house repairs.  Whatever the reason, it’s time to go through the challenging process of finding a new interior painting contractor.   A quick online search for “Interior Painting” will furnish enough results to overwhelm even the most seasoned homeowner, we know how you feel and we’ll help make the choice easy.

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Interior Painting 

We know how challenging it is to find good interior painters.  Whether you’re starting a new beginning, designing your dream space or simply want change to bring life back to your home, never settle for average.  You deserve more.

Interior Painters helping homeowners for over 20 years

We’ve had the pleasure of being Interior Painters helping homeowners transform their homes for over 20 years.  We’re locally owned and operated, so you can be sure our interior painters will give you the undivided attention you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Plaster Repair Work or Wallpaper Removal, our craftsmen have the expertise to take care of all your needs.  We work hard to go above and beyond.  At World Class Painting and Finishes we’ll give you the mindful care you deserve while we transform your home.  We’ll bring you such a difference in quality that you not only see, but feel.  You’ll feel proud of your home, you’ll feel energy renewed and you’ll have peace to focus on what matters most. (your friends will probably be jealous.. sorry about that one)

Interior Painters That Give You The Care You Deserve

The first key to a successful interior painting project is communication and accountability.  Our painters and managers work to give you the care you deserve.  With full time project managers always on site, you can be sure that we are always available for you.  We provide daily updates with progress reports and provide project completion tracking.  You’ll always know how things are going and when they’ll be finished.  These are just a few of the ways our teams of interior painters go above and beyond to care for you and your project.  We are on top of every detail so that you have a truly effortless experience.

Interior Painters That Maintain Immaculate Work Sites

The second key to providing a better interior painting project starts with a better prepared work site.  We’ve been interior painters for over 20 years.  Over those years we’ve heard pretty much every disaster story imaginable from homeowners past experiences with other painters.  In order to distance ourselves from the average, our interior painters will literally cover every square inch of the work area with protection.  First our painters partition off all work areas.  Next we seal your belongings and install wall to wall protection.  Then while the work is underway, we employ the use of HEPA filters on all of our equipment.  Finally when the project is over, every last thing is put back into place.  We also understand that having any work performed in you house can feel like an intrusion.  Our interior painters work to maintain a quiet and pleasant working environment.  You’ll be sure to have a pleasant and effortless experience.

Interior Painters That Deliver Uncompromising Quality

Third, in order to provide a truly world-class standard, our interior painters will deliver uncompromising quality.  Whether we’re performing a simple color change or kitchen cabinet refinishing, the attention to detail that goes into our prep and finish work really makes the work shine.  Our interior painters really do go above and beyond in delivering such a difference in quality that you not only see, but can feel.  Over the years we’ve worked hard to leave the Average Standard far behind.  Our interior painters will deliver the quality you and your home deserve.  With every interior painting project you can be confident with our  100% Risk Free Guarantee  No project is ever finished until you are completely satisfied.

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Finally, when the project is over, we provide a 5-Year Warranty.  Our painting warranty is the best of any interior painters .  But we don’t stop there, our interior painters continue to help our clients with our Free Lifetime Inspection service.  Our interior painting will surround you with quality and luxury, your house will feel amazing again.  In conclusion, get in touch today and start your next amazing transformation.

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Next, we’ll schedule a consultation so, we can meet and see your project.  We’ll go over paint colors.  We can also help with any design decisions you’re making.   Then, we’ll put together a custom tailored plan for our interior painters.  We make sure our plan is right for your home and your needs.


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Then, simply relax as our interior painters mindfully care for you and your home.  With our expert project management, professional painters craftsmanship and “No Footprint Policy” you’ll be sure to have an amazing experience.

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Finally, enjoy your transformed home.  With our interior painters 5-Year Warranty and our exterior FREE Lifetime Annual Inspections, you’ll truly have peace of mind.  You can be sure your home will be maintenance free and looking amazing for years to come.

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In order to deliver consistent focused results and keep quality at it’s highest, we can only take on a limited number of new clients and projects each season.  Because of this, please get in touch with us today to reserve a spot for your next project.   Our summer exterior painting schedule and winter interior painting schedule both fill quickly each season.

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