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Better Quality With A Better House Painting Process

With so much at stake there is much uncertainty.  How do you know if the project will last?  How do you know if you’re really getting quality?  How do you know if the contractor is really on your side?

We know how you feel.

We’re consumers too and we know exactly what it’s like to be disappointed with quality or service.  We know how challenging it is to find a good contractor.  At World Class Painting and Finishes we’ll give you the care you deserve while we transform your home with uncompromising quality. 

You’ll feel proud of your home again.  You’ll be confident and worry free for years to come.  Most importantly, you’ll be free to focus on what matters most.

It’s time for an upgrade

30-Point Inspection And Analysis

Our Comprehensive Analysis

Systematic 30-point analysis
Existing paint system and substrate identification
Existing paint system thickness analysis
Multi-point paint adhesion testing
Multi-point moisture testing
A complete written analysis crafted for your home



We systematically test and evaluate every project to provide our clients with the greatest long term value.

Thorough testing and accurate analysis allow us to keep our clients home looking it’s best over the long term while saving money for years down the road.

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen every cause of paint failure imaginable. We’ve seen different types of coatings fail over time due to widely varying reasons and or conditions. In all paint failure cases however, the symptoms generally look the same; the paint falls off the house.

Getting the proper testing, accurate diagnosis from an expert and developing the correct treatment plan specific to your house condition is essential for the long-term success of a painting project.


Failure to properly test and accurately diagnose the underlying cause of a paint failure is the #1 cause of all paint failures in the future. In most cases, premature paint failures don’t become evident until years after a home is painted.

If you’ve ever had to replace a window or a door because of rot, you know how expensive it can be.  Add the replacement cost of various items to years of “chasing” paint problems on a home, and the cost for repairs over the life of a home can get rapidly out of hand.

Along with the roof, the paint on your house really is the first line of defense from the weather and elements. Paint literally covers every square inch of the siding and trim, protecting them day after day from harsh UV rays from the sun to getting beaten every winter by New England weather. Paint also protects the big-ticket items on your home like windows and doors.

When it comes to accurately assessing the needs for a home the margin for error is small. What if an incompatible paint was used years ago, what if there is undetected moisture present, what if the existing paint system on the home has become too heavy, what if the bond to the substrate has actually failed?

The cost to fix a failing paint job is often times 2-4 times as much as doing a scheduled maintenance re-coat. To make matters worse, most homeowners never know they have a failing paint system on their home until it’s too late. A freshly painted house always looks great and any underlying problems are easily covered in the short term.


Most painting companies assess a project using a visual only approach. There is no testing or analysis of any kind.

For most companies, if paint is visibly peeling on a home the remedy is scrape off the bad paint, re-paint the home and call it a day. 3 years later your house has the same problem again, and more peeling paint.  We hear this story time and time again.  Most companies treat the symptom and never identify or fix the actual problem, and in most cases, never even knew there was one.


To ensure that our projects don’t end up like the rest, we’ve developed the most comprehensive diagnostic testing and assessment procedure in the area. You will be proud to know your home will be looking it’s best for years while you save money, time and are free from the frustration of constant maintenance.




Uncompromising Quality

Our Quality Agreement

Always treat root cause of issues
Only use highest quality paints and materials
Only use products we’ve personally tested
Be meticulous in everything we do
Hand select and train our own people
Never settle for average

Better quality always lasts longer


In order for our clients to receive the most value possible, have their homes look their absolute best and last the longest, we have gone outside the industry standard and created our own set of standards.

Judging quality of workmanship is subjective. One painting company or homeowner’s idea of quality and value may not be the next when considering other factors like speed of a house painting project, or the cost of a house painting project.

A cheap paint job that was done in a matter of days with discount paint and only one coat may be of great value to someone, whereas having to pay the price to repaint again in just a few years may not be the best value for the next person.

Rather than being cheaper or faster, we believe the only way to judge the quality of a project is by how good it looks and how long it stays that way. We have designed our own systems and created our own set of standards to deliver that value of to our clients.

We simply don’t cut corners.  While this means we might not “win” every project because we don’t look as appealing as a lower priced painting contractor, we’re ok with that.  You can be confident that you and your home will receive the best care and the uncompromising quality that you deserve.


The cost to fix a poor-quality paint job can often times be as much as 2-4 times the original amount

Quite possibly the worst feeling during the course of a house painting project is the moment you realize that your idea of quality house painting and your contractor’s idea of quality house paining are two very different things. We’ve heard this story more than once. You thought you signed up for one thing and are now in the process of receiving something quite different.

An even worse scenario that we often hear, is coming to that same realization, just a few years later when the symptoms of a less than par paint job start to show.

Experience has taught us over the years; there is no middle ground when it comes to quality house painting. A house painting project either lasts or it doesn’t.


The #1 complaint from homeowners about house painters in your area, according to sources like the Better Business Bureau and various online review sites, is about the quality of house painter’s workmanship.

Treating symptoms of peeling paint rather than root causes, hiring seasonal employees, hiring unskilled labor, using sub-contractors, bait and switch tactics like selling high quality paints and then using low quality products, marking up materials, use of “self-priming” paints to short-cut the amount of paint coats a house receives, not having standard training for employees, only applying 1 coat even though 2 coats was specified, not following manufacturer specifications or guidelines for products – the list of homeowner complaints is long


You work hard and you know the value of doing things right the first time.  We feel the same way.  At the end of the day, you will be confident knowing you’ve made the right choice, confident and proud that your project will not only look it’s best, but will also last the longest.



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Better Care

Professional Project Management

Daily progress reports
Complete project tracking and projection
Effortless communication
Always on site & available
Limited projects each year

"No Footprint" Policy

Complete site protection
Daily site cleanup
Portable restrooms

Professional Painters

On-site etiquette
High attention to detail
Courteous and mindful



In order for our clients to receive the care they deserve and deliver uncompromising quality, we have created a series of systems to ensure every project is reliable, accountable and problem free.

Having full time management on-site and excellent communication is of great importance to us, you will have daily project updates and always know what our progress goals are and what was accomplished for each day. We have developed our own project tracking systems so from project beginning to end you always know where a project stands. Most important, along with daily progress updates, you will be able to see and track exactly when a project will be finished.

In effort to go above and beyond with project management, communication and accountability, we’ve developed our own “world-class” project tracking system. You will always know where our projects are in the schedule and in the budget, what’s being accomplished day in and day out and most important when things will be finished. Our dedicated project managers are on site full time and always available to ensure any concerns are addressed promptly.


At World Class painting you can be sure that every project is staffed by our own people, we do not use sub-contractors or hire seasonal helpers. We only service a limited number of projects each year so you can be sure you will receive 100% undivided focus, we never spread ourselves too thin to fit in more projects than we can handle and you can be sure you will always be getting the full attention and care of our staff.

We hand select and screen all our employees. We put all of our staff through our own “World-Class” painting school where we include both on site and classroom training. Our classes and training cover all the bases from paint related chemistry to proper preparation procedures and from various different paint application fundamentals to soft skills like on-site etiquette. We go above and beyond to be sure our people (aka our “ambassadors”) are always reliable, consistent and “world-class”.

We never use seasonal help or subcontractors. All of our employees are full time and hand selected. Every employee goes through our own “World-Class training program” ensuring that every project we are on maintains a peaceful and professional site.

Site protection:

When it comes to site protection and general care for your home and belongings, our “no footprint policy” was designed to go the extra mile. We spare no expense when it comes to the care of your home and site protection.

INTERIOR: With our on-site attention to detail all your items and belongings will be well cared for. Our interior projects are immaculate. We carefully move and hermetically seal all furniture and belongings in working areas. We literally cover and protect every square inch of flooring. We employ the use of HEPA filters and constantly monitor air quality during the course of a project. We protect all ventilation and HVAC systems to ensure that there are no contamination issues. Daily inspections and cleanups ensure that our one of a kind “No-footprint” policy means just that. The only thing we ever leave behind is an immaculate project.

EXTERIOR: With our on-site attention to detail all your home will be well cared for. We work very hard to keep our exterior projects immaculate. We take great care to protect all hardscapes and softscapes. Protecting everything with breathable coverings, using eco-friendly products, carefully moving equipment, we work very hard to ensure that your home is undisturbed during the course of a project. Daily inspections and cleanups ensure that our one of a kind “No-footprint” policy means just that. The only thing we ever leave behind is an immaculate project.


It is a totally helpless feeling to be stuck in the middle of a project that feels completely out of control.

There are plenty of amazing painting companies and painting contractors in our area, but as we’ve also heard, there are some not so amazing ones as well.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve heard stories about some pretty frustrating experiences from our clients. Maybe you’ve heard a story from someone you know that’s had a rough experience, or worse, perhaps you’ve even been through a challenging project yourself. The following list are just a few of the difficulties we’ve heard on more than one occasion:

Not being able to communicate with workers, no management on site, entire projects with only 1 worker, use of seasonal helpers, use of subcontractors, thefts or things gone missing, having to manage everything yourself, being stuck in the dreaded “never-ending project”, loud job sites, disaster work environments, equipment everywhere, damaged belongings, having to replace entire landscapes, dust getting sucked into HVAC systems covering entire home interiors, a completely dust caked Steinway and no portable restroom on site (we’ll spare the details). We’ve even heard a story about a painting contractor helping himself to snacks in the home. We’ve heard it all and nothing surprises us anymore.


Painting companies are vastly different when it comes to types of workers they use, project management and the actual training of workers.

Being in business for 2 decades, we’ve learned over the years how great these differences can vary from painting company to painting company.

Types of painting company workers:

You never know how a project is going to be staffed, how the workers were trained or even how they were screened prior to employment unless a company specifically tells you before the work begins. Most would just assume that all of these boxes are checked and most companies are the same.

Many painting contractors have difficulties maintaining full time employees during down time and off seasons can often times be a struggle. When seasons get busy again, in order to pick up slack, many painting contractors will employ the use of either seasonal helpers, subcontractors or they will spread their resources out and leave as few as 1 worker on a project to get it started.

We have heard many times over the years from client’s previous projects the painting company they thought they hired was not the painting company that showed up to do the work.

Painting company project management:

Most painters that start their own businesses quickly find out, being a great painter and running a great business are very different things. Most painters and painting contractors have no prior business experience and simply learn as they go

When it comes to project management most painting companies have no standard systems in place for managing or tracking project progress. Many will base estimates on ballpark figures or simple square footage prices with no difference between one project and the next. This is one of the main reasons why we always hear client stories of past projects with previous contractors that had timelines or budgets that grew out of hand and were under-estimated.

Another factor that makes management challenging for most house painters, is finding people to manage projects. Good help is hard to find and most employees that become proficient enough to run a project for a painting company will most likely opt to work for themselves instead.

Because most painting contractors “wear all the hats” for their company, many painting contractors share the frustration of having to not only run multiple projects themselves but also tend to other clients as well, get new work at the same time, manage workers and ultimately spread their efforts too thin.

Painting company worker training:

Very few “professional painters” have ever been through any training or certification program.

In fact, there aren’t that many training or residential certification programs to being with. You don’t need a license to call yourself a painter and there are no national or state level exams necessary to call yourself a painter.

Anyone can go to the paint store, buy a gallon of paint and a brush and call themselves a painter, and that’s what many “painters” do.

Small house painting projects that aren’t labor intensive are quite often a task that many homeowners will even tackle themselves given the free time. At some point everyone has picked up a paint brush and painted something.

Because most painters are not certified or have had previous education in painting, training with most companies is usually done on-site, starts at the beginning with zero experience and is all hands on. Training is usually based on methods that have been passed along from painter to painter as they once learned it.

Because training is usually done one-on-one and with only one hire at a time, training ends up varying greatly from person to person. We’ve learned over the years from many hires we’ve re-trained just how many different painting and preparation methods there are, different ideas of proper “site-etiquette” there are and also how many different opinions there are on what’s the “right way” of doing things.

We’ve learned over the years that when it comes to the job site, daily operations, work procedures, site protection and the general care of a home and a client, few companies have standard systems in place much less training designed to support those systems.


You will be completely at ease knowing your project is running smoothly and on schedule. You will be confident knowing your project is staffed by courteous and polite professional painters. You will have total freedom and control to focus on more important things while we quietly and mindfully transform your home.



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Free Lifetime Peace Of Mind

Lifetime Follow-Up Plan

Craft a customized maintenance schedule
Perform a 30-point inspection and written evaluation annually
Repeat every year for as long as you live in the home at no cost



In order for house painting projects to last their longest they must be inspected by a professional annually

Just like the working systems in your vehicle need inspecting and periodic maintenance from a professional, your home does as well. The exterior house paint system is no exception.

Nothing lasts forever – any house painter that claims their work will last forever is telling stories.

From the day fresh paint is applied to a home and exposed to the elements it begins deteriorating. Natural environmental processes that cause constant home expansion and contraction, how adequately a house vents air, moisture content within walls, house sides that are southern exposed, house sides that are northern exposed, are all just a few of the factors that can accelerate the deterioration of a paint job.

To make things even more complicated, when applying fresh paint to an older already existing paint job, you are adding to an already deteriorating system. And if there is more than one coat of paint on the home, which there should be, the previous coats underneath were are all in various stages of their lifespan when they were re-coated as well.

Unfortunately, most homeowners call a house painter when they visibly see problems with their home like mold issues, paint that looks faded or when they see areas where paint is starting to peel. And even then, because life is busy and house painting isn’t always the top priority on the list or perhaps other projects are more pressing or the timing is not right, we don’t get the call right away and the problems continue to worsen.

Failure to have an annual inspect from a professional who can catch and diagnose problems early, not knowing maintenance steps or having a properly crafted maintenance plan in place is why most paint projects fail prematurely and lead to repainting every few years. Small problems always lead to bigger problems and end up costing far more to repair later down the road

Over the years it became very clear that we wanted to help people get more value. We needed to go above and beyond being just another house painter, we needed to become caretakers as well.

We know how busy your life is and how frustrating any home maintenance task can be. We’ve designed our services to not only protect your home today, but also watch over and make sure it stays protected for years to come. And we do this for our clients for free. For life.


In our estimation the average homeowner wastes over $50,000 during their lifetime on avoidable home repairs and services.

Most costly house problems only become visible when it’s already too late and that’s we get the call.

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen our fair share of door and window replacements and thousands of feet in siding replacement. We’ve seen total paint failures that required us to strip the paint off the entire house and we’ve uncovered massive water damage that had gone unnoticed for years. In all cases costing the client thousands to repair

What is totally upsetting is that in many of the worst cases we’ve seen, how they could have been prevented years ago for fraction of the cost and quite often times under $20 if someone had been looking out for it.


Most painting companies vanish the minute the final payment clears

While this is a story we often hear about past experiences with house painters, we want to stick around for years.

We want to make sure you get the absolute most out of your investment because we are invested with you as well. We want to see you and your project succeed, so we’ve developed our comprehensive (and absolutely unheard of in the business) “world-class” follow up service.


You will be confident knowing you’ve made the right investment, confident knowing you’re well protected and at peace knowing we stand behind our work.



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