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Selecting and hiring a new contractor can fill even the most seasoned homeowner with uncertainty.  How do you know who to trust, how can you tell if someone’s work will last, how do you really know if a company will be there for you down the road?  

We know how you feel.

Broken promises, disappointing quality of workmanship and companies that simply disappear overnight are just a few of the stories we’ve all heard to make us to proceed with caution.  We hear these complaints so often that we simply assume this is just the average standard.

We know how difficult it is to find a good contractor or service provider.  We are consumers too who have been disappointed with quality and service.  At World Class Painting and Finishes we’ve created our own set of guarantees that go beyond “average.”  You can be sure that you are completely risk free and absolutely certain you’ll receive exceptional quality.  You will have total confidence in your choice.  Most importantly, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing we’ll be there for you as long as you live in your home.

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At World Class Painting we keep our promises.  Our goal is to build long term fiduciary relationships with our clients.  We offer the following guarantees so that you can feel at ease doing business with us: 




Our Project Standards

Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Nothing is worse than being stuck in the middle of a project and realizing you and your contractor are on completely different pages.  You thought you were getting one thing and your contractor thought differently.  If you’ve ever been in a situation like this and you’re like most homeowners, you probably ended up suffering through the entire project.  The cost to simply cut your losses and start over was far greater than the cost to continue on.

We understand concerns come up during the course of a project.  At World Class Painting and Finishes, we always do whatever it takes exceed expectations.  However, if ever should arise a situation where we can’t meet expectation, rest assured we’ll refund your money, without issue.

With World Class Painting and Finishes you can be totally confident knowing that all of our projects are completely risk free and satisfaction guaranteed.

Our 5-Year Warranty

A fresh coat of paint or a new installation always looks amazing at first, but how long will it last?  It’s an awful feeling to see that beautiful new paint job to start looking shabby only a year or two later.  It’s an even worse feeling when you realize that the warranty is up and the company that did the work isn’t returning your calls.

When it comes to house painting in Wellesley and surrounding towns, a 1-2-year warranty is standard, 3 years is rare, a 5-year warranty is unheard of.  We believe in the quality of our work so much that we can easily offer a 5-year warranty.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we believe in doing things right the first time.  You can be fully confident that your project will look great and will continue to look great for years.

You will have total peace of mind knowing that your work is protected under the longest warranty in the area.


Free Lifetime Protection

Most seasoned homeowners are all to familiar with the phrase “It’s always something.”  It always seems like something new is leaking or breaking down, needs repair or just requires attention of some sort.  Carrying costs to simply maintain a home over the years can quickly grow out of hand.

Small preventable issues that go unnoticed, can easily turn into major ones overnight or quietly over time, costing a homeowner greatly.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we’ve seen the enormous amount of money an average homeowner spends on repairs that could have easily been avoided, if only someone had been on the lookout.

In order to offer our clients the absolute best protection possible against any future unnecessary repairs, we’ve developed a 30-point home inspection that’s totally unique in our area and in our industry.

Our 30-point home inspection is designed to inspect and analyze every trouble area on a home that we’ve seen over the years. The goal is to identify and prevent any potential issues long before they ever become a major one.

Because we are first and foremost a painting company and from the roof-line to the ground, the paint on your home is its first line of defense, we are exceedingly efficient at spotting minor issues long before they become major ones.

We perform our home inspection each year for all our clients as a FREE service going far beyond the industry standard. We don’t do it for a fee nor would we ever decide to, we do it because we want you to know that we really do care and have your best interests at heart.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we’ll annually inspect your home with our 30-point inspection, for long as you live in it, at absolutely no cost at all.

With World Class Painting and Finishes, you will have total peace of mind knowing that you have someone watching out for you, year after year, that truly cares.


The Bottom Line




Never Settle For Average Quality

Our Quality Agreement

Let’s face it, nobody wants to settle for average.  Average quality is a disappointment, nobody is proud of their average car, wants an average relationship or is content having just an average life.  Everywhere we look we find “average.”  It’s no wonder that the top complaints about products and services are always about quality.

We know what it’s like because we’re consumers who are tired of average also.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we’ll help you leave average far behind.  With our exterior painting services, it’s your turn to be have the best looking house on the street.  Our interior painting services will have you proudly showing off your perfectly created sanctuary and leave your friends in awe.  Our total home maintenance services will save you time and energy so you can focus on getting more out of life.

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Our Process Guarantee

Average processes produce average results, and when it comes to painting and related services, industry standard and industry practices are generally lackluster.  At World Class Painting and Finishes, we are committed to always going above and beyond the industry standard, employing practices that produce better results, and always doing things right the first time.

Exterior painting – Our comprehensive analysis and testing ensures we are always treating root problems not symptoms, we guarantee you will save money, time and years of frustration.


Interior painting – With our meticulous attention to detail, pursuit of sheen perfection that rivals the best luxury automotive finishes and commitment to interior painting excellence, we guarantee your next interior project will be anything but average.


Total home maintenance – With our total home maintenance services that are focused on prevention, we guarantee you will save money, time and years of frustration.


Our Paint And Materials Guarantee

It’s no secret that average quality products produce average quality results. What can be a secret is that the “top quality” paint you thought you assumed you were receiving for your project was actually a lower tier product. Often times companies will use less expensive products and materials in order to “win” a project during the bidding process and unfortunately only time will tell the full story.

At World Class Painting and Finishes we guarantee that we only use the top products and paints available.  We only use products that we’ve personally tested and seen perform over the years.  We will never mark up the cost of paints or materials we use and we always pass along our wholesale savings to our clients. We will never be paid to sell any brand or product and you can be sure that you are always receiving the best quality paint and materials available. 

With World Class Painting and Finishes, your projects will look better and last longer.

Our Workmanship Guarantee

According to the BBB, poor quality of workmanship is the top complaint when it comes to painting and service companies in our area.  It’s no surprise when you find that many companies in our area are actually using sub-contractors and seasonal helpers that haven’t had any formal training at all.

Often times when hiring “experienced” workers that come to us from another company, we find that they need to be completely re-trained.  Over the years we’ve learned how greatly processes and training can vary from one service company to another.

At World Class Painting and Finishes you can be sure that every project is staffed by our own people, we do not use sub-contractors or hire seasonal helpers.  We screen and hand select all of our employees and put them through our own “World-Class” painting school.

We guarantee that no matter what service of ours you use; you’ll always receive consistent results and a level of quality that is totally focused on making sure your project looks better and lasts longer.

With World Class Painting and Finishes, you will save money, time and frustration.

The Bottom Line



Never Settle For An Average Project

Our Project Management Agreement

It’s a sinking feeling coming to the realization that, despite looking great on paper, the company you hired for your project may not have been the best choice after all.  Having to step in and manage a project yourself can be an absolute nightmare.  Having no project end in sight, dealing with disaster work areas and not being able to communicate with workers, are just a few of the headache’s homeowners have to deal with.   

With World Class Painting and Finishes your project will run smoothly from start to finish.  With our professional project management, immaculate work sites and our on-site etiquette, you will have complete freedom and control to focus on what’s really important

It’s time for an upgrade

Our Management Guarantee

Having to step in and manage a project yourself is an awful experience.  If you’ve ever had a project like that, whether due to poor communication, missed deadlines or simply just a lack of management altogether, it’s most likely not an experience you’ll ever want to repeat.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we guarantee you’ll always have a full-time project manager on-site.  Excellent communication is of utmost importance, we provide daily project updates so you will always be informed of our daily goals and progress.  We’ve developed our own project tracking system, so from start to finish, you’ll always know where we are in the schedule and when we’ll be completed.

With World Class Painting and Finishes, your project will run effortlessly.

Our On-Site Presence Guarantee

Loud job sites, loud workers and feeling like both you and personal space are under attack, are just a few of the difficulties associated with having any work performed in or on your home.  It may seem as though that’s just part of having your home temporarily turn into a job site.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we guarantee that a job site doesn’t have to feel like one.  Our hand selected staff of true professionals really do care.  We will always work to maintain calm and courteous work environment.

With World Class Painting and Finishes, you will have a exceptional experience.

Our Site Protection Guarantee

Trampled landscaping, dust covered belongings and paint ending up where it doesn’t belong and are some of the small costs associated with having any work performed in or on your home.

At World Class Painting and Finishes, we guarantee that we’ll go the extra mile to protect your home and belongings.  We’ve developed our own unique “no-footprint” policy to ensure your home is in great hands.

On all of our interior projects, we hermetically seal belongings, install temporary wall to wall protection and completely partition off all work areas.


For all of our exterior projects, hardscape and softscape protection is installed, we use breathable coverings for all landscaping and extreme care is always used when navigating the perimeter of a home with equipment.


With World Class Painting and Finishes, your project will be immaculate.

The Bottom Line



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We accept a limited number of new clients each season

In order to deliver consistent focused results and keep quality at it’s highest, we can only take on a limited number of new clients and projects each season.  Because of this, please get in touch with us today to reserve a spot for your next project.   Our summer exterior painting schedule and winter interior painting schedule both fill quickly each season.

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