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“Finding good house painters can be totally overwhelming.  If you’re looking for Exterior Painting Lexington MA or Total Home Maintenance, we’re Professional Painters.  You’ll be well cared for and your house will look amazing.

– Jeff McVey

Professional Painter and Owner

Lexington, Massachusetts

Get Peace Of Mind

Nobody wants to see their house paint peeling.  Or worse, maybe it’s starting to rot in places and now needs house repair.  It feels like you just painted a few years ago and the last house painting contractor, who was less than perfect, is long gone.  It’s time to go through the tiring and process of finding a new contractor.   A quick search for “Exterior Painting Lexington MA” will produce enough results to overwhelm even the most seasoned homeowner.  We know how you feel and we’ll help make the choice easy.

4 Reasons To Make The Choice Easy

World Class Inspection

Better Analysis

Stop having to re-paint every few years.  The biggest factor in how long a paint job will last is how well it was assessed before the project starts.  With the most comprehensive analysis in the area and our World Class 30-point home inspection, we’ll custom design a plan that is right for you and your home.  You can be sure we get the project right from the start.  If you’re searching “exterior painting Lexington MA” get a better inspection today.

World Class Painting Quality

Better Quality

Nobody wants to settle for average quality.  Better quality painting looks better and lasts longer.  Whether we’re performing exterior painting and repair work, refinishing a deck or tackling a historic restoration, our exterior painters deliver a level of quality that leaves the Average Standard far behind.  Our exterior painters give you the care you deserve with our 100% Risk Free GuaranteeWith better training, better processes and by using the best paint and materials available, you can be sure to get quality difference that will look better and last longer.  If you’re looking for “exterior painting Lexington MA” don’t settle for average work, get better quality today.

World Class 5-Year Warranty

Better Warranty

The standard painting warranty is 1-2 years at best.  We believe in the quality of our workmanship so much that we offer a 5-year warranty.   If you’re searching “exterior painting Lexington MA” we have the best warranty in the area.

World Class Follow-Up Service

Protection For Life

Most companies are done as soon as the final coat of paint dries.  We’ll continue to watch over our work with our annual home inspection.  We help spot problems long before they ever become a major issue.  We do this for our clients every year for free.  If you’re searching “exterior painters Lexington MA” we offer the absolute best value in the area.

We Are Professional Exterior Painters Lexington MA 

We understand how challenging it is to find a good exterior painting professional.  Whether you’re starting a new beginning, finally crossing those house repairs off your to-do list or you simply want change, don’t settle for average results, you won’t find what we offer anywhere else in the area.

We’ve had the pleasure of being exterior painters Lexington MA where we started painting over 20 years ago.  We’re locally owned and operated, so you can be sure our exterior painters will give you the focus and attention your project deserves.  Get better care today while we transform your home with an uncompromising level of quality that leaves the Average Standard far behind.

Choose Your Exterior Painters With Confidence.  

First, every single painting project is 100% Risk Free GuaranteedWhether we are doing a Historic Restoration or simply washing your windows you can trust that you’re in good hands.   Second, we offer an absolute best in area 5-Year WarrantyYou’ll not only be protected, but you can be sure we believe in the quality of our workmanship to stand behind it long after other companies are gone.  Lastly, we’ll watch over your home as long as you live in it.  Once you become a client of ours, we want to make sure you have peace of mind year after year.  We’ll watch over your home with our FREE Lifetime Annual Inspection service, giving our clients uncompromising value.  If you’re looking for “exterior painting Lexington MA,” get in touch with us today.

The Bottom Line:

You’ll be proud of your home, you’ll be confident and you’ll be worry free for years.  Our exterior painting will not only make your home look its best, it will give you peace of mind long after the project finishes.  Get more freedom to focus on what matters most.  If you’re searching for “exterior painting Lexington MA” please get in touch today.

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First, talk with us today and learn how our professional exterior painters can make your home look better and last longer.  Find out how we help free your time and give you years of worry free quality.


Get an Exterior Painting Consultation

Next, we’ll schedule a consultation so, we can meet and see your project.  We’ll come out perform our  30-point inspection.   We’ll also put together a custom tailored plan for our exterior painters that’s right for you, your home and your needs.


Relax While Our Professional Exterior Painters Transform Your Home

Then, simply relax as our exterior painters in Lexington mindfully care for you and your home.  With our expert project management, professional painters craftsmanship and “no foot print policy” you’ll be sure to have an amazing experience.

you'll be happy

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Finally, enjoy your transformed home.  With our exterior painters 5-Year Warranty and our FREE Lifetime Annual Inspections, you’ll truly have peace of mind knowing your home will be maintenance free and looking amazing for years to come.

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Stop house painting every 3-5 years.  Our exterior painters in Lexington MA get projects to look better and last 300% longer than the national average.  Find out how today.


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In order to deliver consistent focused results and keep quality at it’s highest, we can only take on a limited number of new clients and projects each season.  Because of this, please get in touch with us today to reserve a spot for your next project.   Our summer exterior painting schedule and winter interior painting schedule both fill quickly each season.

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